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Discover our new low-cost option for our Multi Jet Fusion PA12 material!

Posted By Jessica Van Zeijderveld on Mar 21, 2018 | 0 comments

Here at Sculpteo, we’re glad that we are able to offer many different materials meant for many different budgets and purposes. Back in January, we announced some amazing new plating finishes like gold, silver, white gold and pink gold for our Brass material. We’re even more glad to announce that we have two new options for our HP Multi Jet Fusion PA12 material. At the moment, this new material is our most low-priced material and specifically meant for projects that need to perform stress tests on mechanical parts but also for concepts that require many or diverse prototypes. Read further to know what its benefits are and why this material is so low-priced.


Characteristics of Multijet Fusion PA12

The Multijet Fusion PA12 material consists of a fine polyamide powder and is biocompatible. The material is well suited against scratches, abrasion and characterized by good elasticity and high impact resistance which is ideal for stress tests. Moreover, polyamide has an excellent resistance to chemicals, especially hydrocarbons, aldehydes, ketones, mineral bases and salts, alcohols, fuels, detergents, oils, and fats. This material is ideal for both experienced professionals and beginning designers alike due to the high precision that is achieved.


What’s new?

We have new options available for our HP Multi Jet Fusion PA12 material. When coming out of the printer, the Multijet Fusion PA12 parts are grey. This is the ‘non-dyed’ option. Another option is our non-dyed polished option which is also grey but has a smooth surface. Two other finishing options are still available for our Multijet Fusion PA12 material. Your parts can be dyed in black with our Color Touch and Color Resist finishes.


Economical and Budgeting Benefits

Our undyed Multi Jet Fusion material is the most low-cost material yet that we currently offer. This means that it is even less expensive than our second most low-priced material: SLS PA12. The fact that this is thus an economical option means that you’re able to create as many new prototypes, projects and test parts you’d like for quite a low budget. The reason behind why this new material is cheaper has to do with the fact that it has no finish. Objects that make use of this material come straight from the printer resulting in fewer process steps, less time, and thus less expenses.


Dyes and Finishes


We have a total of four finishes when using Multi Jet Fusion PA12. We have the non-dyed option which results in a grey surface with no finish, as it comes straight out of the 3D printer. This option is ideal for prototyping and mechanical tests. We also have the non-dyed polished option that is characterized by a grey surface as well but with a glossy finish (tribo-finishing).

11 PA12


Color Resist:

As for dyeing finishes, we have a Color Resist finish which is a dyeing finish characterized by a matte look that resists friction and allows for a more consistent color between different production batches. The available color for this finishing option is black.


Color Touch:

Our other dyeing option is the Color Touch finish which finishes your 3D printed part with a satin look. It withstands daily handling and is the perfect finish for parts that are exposed to external conditions, scratching and rubbing. The available color for this finishing option is black as well.

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Side by side comparison non-dyed and dyed:

Comparison HP Multi Jet Fusion PA12

So when choosing a dye, which is better: Color Touch or Color Resist?

In the end, it depends on your object and your wishes in order to make a choice between Color Touch and Color Resist.


Colour Touch is characterized with being skin-safe, UV resistant, stress-resistant and finishes your 3D object with a satin look due to the shiny and bright surface it will produce. This means that Color Touch is ideal for objects and products that require an elegant finish i.a. eyewear, fashion items, and jewelry.


When looking at Color Resist, you will find that this finish can give your object a matte look. This finish is neither raw nor shiny due to its even surface coloring. Color Resists is better suited for objects or products that will be exposed to external conditions such as the weather or heavy object use. This has to do with the fact that this finish is scratch and abrasion resistant.


In order for you to realize what the best finishing option is for you, you have to take note of your object’s future environment and use. But as said before, it can also come down to personal preference or preferred design. You can have it any way you like.

Ready to 3D Print Your Object?

So say you have an upcoming project with a small budget or you need to create a prototype, you now know the most budget friendly and convenient material for you to use. You can upload your 3D file today by clicking this link. We look forward to printing it and sending it your way as soon as possible!

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