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Additive Manufacturing: What to expect for 2020?

Posted By Lucie Gaget on Dec 30, 2019 | 0 comments

Additive manufacturing is evolving quite fast, and we saw it once again, in 2019. One year does not seem to be a lot, but it is enough in the 3D printing industry to develop new technologies, new materials or even find new applications. 2020 will definitely offer your business new opportunities. Let’s discover it right now. 


2020: a big year for 3D printing? 


If 2019 was already a great year for 3D printing, we can tell you that it is only a start! Additive manufacturing is now more democratized, meaning that it is becoming affordable for both small businesses and bigger companies, to implement. More use of additive manufacturing also means new possibilities, new applications, new challenges to go through. 3D printing is a growing industry, offering many new advantages to businesses. 


A lot of different sectors are now making the most of this cutting-edge technology. We saw that in 2019, 3D printing helped to make big progress in the medical industry. Additive manufacturing is more and more developed to answer to surgeons’ and patients’ needs. 


At Sculpteo, we are seeing a lot of new customers starting to use our 3D printing service for medical 3D printing. Students, surgeons, and dentists are seeing all the benefits of additive manufacturing for their daily work. We also saw in our blog posts that 3D printing is saving more and more lives thanks to the development of 3D printed hearts or 3D printed lungs. The evolution of bioprinting and of additive manufacturing, in general, is revolutionizing the medical industry and we could see significant improvements in 2020.


Architecture, fashion and automotive industries are also going to push 3D printing boundaries in 2020. From mass customization to XL printing, some aspects of additive manufacturing will be brought even further this year!


Start to make the most of additive manufacturing in 2020


Do you need to improve your prototyping, tooling, and production processes? Do you want a cheaper mass-customization technique? You should start to think about additive manufacturing. 


In 2020, say yes to efficiency and start implementing 3D printing in your business. More materials, more freedom, cheaper prices, and better quality, this is what additive manufacturing can offer you for this new year. As an online 3D printing service, we are ready to help go further and help you develop your 3D printing project!

What to expect from Sculpteo in 2020?


2020 might also be a big year for Sculpteo as well. You certainly saw recently that BASF acquired Sculpteo, new opportunities will be offered to you. Indeed, we always want to offer our customers the best service possible, with the latest technologies and materials available on the market. This means that you will soon access brand new materials through our online 3D printing service! 


Moreover, this year, we will work on a huge study by collecting precious data from professionals using 3D printing. We will write an in-depth analysis of the additive manufacturing industry to help you identify 3D printing challenges and opportunities in order for you to improve your own strategy. Our State of 3D printing 2020 will come soon, be ready to answer our survey and make this study even bigger than last year.


In 2020, be part of the 3D printing revolution! If you have a project, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll help you to implement 3D printing in your business and find the most interesting ways to use this technology for you and your projects.


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