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Sculpteo September Update: What’s coming next?

Posted By Lucie Gaget on Sep 8, 2020 | 0 comments

What’s happening in September at Sculpteo?

Summertime is over, and it is now time to get back to work. Isn’t it the best moment to try out new 3D printing ideas, test the new high-performance materials, or launch a new project? Well, we have good news for you! Sculpteo’s online 3D printing service is offering you a 10% discount on your next order by using this promo code: BACK_2_BIZ (the code is only available for orders above 100€ / $ and valid until 30/09/2020)

Maybe you’re looking for new manufacturing opportunities or more flexibility in your production process to reduce risk? We just launched a new ebook on this topic! Download our latest ebook: Risk Management and Additive Manufacturing. In it you’ll learn how additive manufacturing can help you avoid and prevent the most common risks encountered in the manufacturing world!

Now let’s take a look back at what happened last month at Sculpteo… 

What happened in August?


Aeronautic industry


3D printing can bring your business and projects to the next level! The use of additive manufacturing is particularly promising for the aeronautic sector. In August, we focused on this industry to give you all the information needed to get started.


Discover how the aeronautics industry uses 3D printing and learn about all of its benefits for this sector.


3D modeling is becoming really important for aeronautics on many different levels. Find the best program for your projects in aeronautics.


Let’s see how it is now possible to produce a 3D printed engine, thanks to the variety of 3D printing materials available on the market. 


Master your STL files for 3D printing


Creating a good STL file is essential to get the best 3D printed part possible. This is why this month we also talked about the importance of design while 3D printing, scanner apps, and the main mistakes which make a file unprintable.


We interviewed Head of Sculpteo Studio, Alexandre d’Orsetti, who breaks down the ins and outs of this approach to design.


From the medical industry, historical reconstructions to automotive applications, 3D scanning has many uses. But which software is the best for your project? Did you know that in some cases all you need is a phone?


We made a list of the most common 3D printing problems encountered by users. We will see how to avoid them quite easily. Follow the guide.


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