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Sculpteo October Update: What’s coming next?

Posted By Lucie Gaget on Sep 29, 2020 | 0 comments

What is Happening in October at Sculpteo? 

Autumn is in full swing and for many of our customers, the time to develop new projects is now! The team at Sculpteo are continuing to develop their offer to better meet your 3D printing needs. Discover the latest offers from Sculpteo:


Let’s fight breast cancer together!


During all october, you will have the opportunity to support research against Breast Cancer. Buy a 3D printed ribbon pin for 5$/€ and we’ll donate 10$/€ to Breast Cancer research! Don’t hesitate to contribute.


We’ve also got some new materials available for online ordering, as well as new ebooks and articles to help you strengthen your business strategy, and many more!


Talking about business strategy, have you tried your assessment tool?


Is 3D printing right for your business? 



By using this assessment tool, you will be able to determine if 3D printing is the right solution, or not, for your company. Moreover, you will see if this technology fits your strategy and can add value to your business. Identifying your needs and opportunities is the first essential step before the implementation of additive manufacturing!


3D printing could play a big role in your business strategy, redefining the relationship between design and manufacturing. It could also improve your process and help you save time and money. Will the flexibility of additive manufacturing benefit your business? 


Material of the month: Ultrafuse 316L!


Stainless steel 316L parts are ideal for tooling, jigs and fixtures, molds, and other functional parts where durability and resistance are important. Stainless Steel 316L is now available with FDM technology thanks to this Ultrafuse 316L material!


If you need 3D printed metal part for automotive, aerospace, or industrial applications to create functional prototypes and series production: Ultrafuse 316L might be a perfect solution. Indeed, the material is characterized by its impressive mechanical properties and low cost of production, making it one of the most affordable materials for metal 3D printing.


What happened in September: Here are Sculpteo’s updates!


PP MJF and PA6 FR: Two new materials now available for online quotation and ordering!



PP (Polypropylene) or HP 3D High Reusability PP is developed by BASF. This is an industrial-grade polypropylene using Multi Jet Fusion technology. This advanced material can be used to manufacture automotive parts found on the interior and exterior parts for the automotive/transportation industries.


The formula of this polypropylene offers great chemical resistance, high elongation at break, but also durability and low moisture absorption. Thanks to its chemical resistance properties, this 3D printing material is perfect to create reservoirs and will be a perfect choice for industrial uses, from pipes to machinery. 


Order your PP MJF parts right now!

PP hp


Ultrasint® PA6 FR is an Halogen-Free Flame-Retardant PA6 powder for advanced applications. This Ultrasint® PA6 FR is an engineering polymer powder made with an innovative formula, containing a flame-retardant (FR) additive. 


PA6 FR combines excellent mechanical and thermal performance with flammability requirements. Indeed, the main feature of Ultrasint® PA6 FR is its broad spectrum of flammability ratings relevant in different application fields.


It is relevant to use this 3D printing material for flammability-sensitive application fields such as electronics, aerospace and public transportation.


Order your PA6 FR parts right now!


New articles:





In this article, we guide you through all the possibilities and benefits offered by 3D printing for contract manufacturing. This will help you find a way to optimize your manufacturing process and bring your business to the next level. And if you don’t know where to start with 3D printing, we will give all our advice to take your first steps and start using additive manufacturing in the best way possible for your business! 



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