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Why you should switch from PA12 HP to PA11 HP

Posted By Stephany Vaussanvin on Feb 10, 2022 | 0 comments

PA12 is one of the most extensively used engineering thermoplastic materials for additive manufacturing of prototypes and end-use production, but as companies and clients begin to demand cleaner, more sustainable materials, PA11 is quickly becoming the material of choice. PA11 is a comparably priced material that is eco-friendly and consistently delivers high performance and durability. Trusted to perform in some of the most demanding environments, PA11 is often the recommended material for various applications. 

What is PA11 HP

A sustainable material 

PA11 is a 100% bio-based polymer made from castor oil with exceptional high toughness. The Castor seed is extracted from the castor plant to make oil. The oil is then converted into the monomer (11-aminoundecanoic acid), finally polymerized into Polyamide 11.

Additive manufacturing is increasingly the manufacturing technology of choice for its positive impact on the environment. The digitalization of inventory allows for the production of parts when and where there is a need and its growing popularity for sustainable materials such as PA11. Sculpteo uses Multi Jet Fusion technology to manufacture PA11 HP parts.

Choosing PA11 for your production needs will give you the same robust qualities of PA12, with better mechanical properties, a long serviceable lifetime, and a sustainable alternative to achieve corporate social responsibility goals. With all of these great reasons, why wouldn’t you want to make the switch! 

Advanced mechanical properties

Additive manufacturing gives designers the potential to create new and complex geometries and simplify supply chains. PA11 is well suited to help achieve these goals thanks to its mechanical properties. For example, PA11 has excellent ductility allowing parts to be designed with thinner walls, resulting in lighter, lower-cost parts, reduced waste, and faster production times. Since PA11 offers superior impact and abrasion resistance, parts will have a long serviceable lifetime, saving costs and reducing maintenance for the systems they are incorporated in. 

Superior Mechanical Performance compared to PA12 

Higher Elongation at break at similar Tensile Strength

elongation at break pa11 (1)

Higher Impact Strength
Impact strength pa11 (1)

These mechanical properties like elongation at break and impact strength outperform PA12, making PA11 the superior go-to material.

Applications for PA11

PA11 is an excellent material for rapid prototyping as well as for production series; it can be adapted to any part of your parts’ evolution! 

With a variety of possible applications such as:

  • Living hinges
  • Car Interiors and bumper components
  • Orthopedic parts & External medical devices
  • Sports equipment
  • Functional prototypes and End-use products
  • Food contact safe

PA11 is well suited for healthcare, consumer goods, automotive, architecture & design, aerospace, and sports.


PA11hp Hinge  (1) (1)

PA11 living hinge

Pa11HP Medical device


PA11 medical device


The price point for PA11 

Historically PA12 was the go-to material for companies when creating their proof of concept or prototyping because of its favorable pricing. This is starting to change; PA11 HP and Ultrasint® PA11 are now comparably priced to PA12 but with better mechanical performance and more sustainability. For these good reasons, print your parts using PA11 with confidence! 

For more information, check our pricing page

Ready to make the switch? 

Upload your project through our online 3D printing services now and start printing your parts with PA11! 

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