TopSolid 3D Tutorial: Prepare your model for 3D Printing with TopSolid software

This is a tutorial for beginners in TopSolid software. This tutorial will teach you some of the basic tools of TopSolid and how you can create simple yet functional 3D parts. With some of the most basic and useful commands, you will be able to create a sketch, extrude it as a solid 3D part and edit it according to your needs. You will get to know how to handle all the necessary tools for editing a 3D model, and in the end exporting it for 3D printing. After reading the tutorial, you will be able to:
After that, you will be ready to upload your 3D file on our platform and 3D print it!

TopSolid is an integrated CAD/CAM software (Computer Aided Design & Computer Aided Manufacturing), which is developed by the France company Missler Software. Many users, mostly engineers are using it because it enables them to design and create fully functional 3D parts. With TopSolid software, they can export their 3D file in many a wide range of available formats, which adapt to many manufacturing procedures, from 3D printing to traditional manufacturing techniques.

The software itself includes many functions providing industrial solutions: from the more general, mechanical oriented (TopSolid’Design) to job-specific solutions: sheet metal (TopSolid’SheetMetal), wood (TopSolid’Wood), toolmaking: TopSolid’Mold for mold makers and TopSolid’Progress for press tool designers.

In general, TopSolid is a great CAM/CAD software, as it includes tools for 3D modeling, simulation and production. Such features have established as one of the best engineering software to create a success story in demanding industries. One of the areas where TopSolid is used the most are: aerospace, mechanical industry, furnishing, industrial machinery, toolmaking, sheetmetal industry and many more.