Export your 3D file for 3D printing


  • 1.1. Getting started with TopSolid Software
  • 1.2. Create a sketch
  • 1.3. Edit the sketch
  • 1.4. Create arcs
  • 1.5. Trim the sketch
  • 2.1. Extrude the sketch
  • 2.2. Create a drilling
  • 2.3. Hollow your 3D part
  • 2.4. Add fillets and Chamfers

Now that your design is ready, you can export it to a 3D printable format. To do so, go to the menu bar on your right, and right click on the part. Among the list of the available options, select “Import/Export“.  

TS 1.3 1.jpg

As you see, you can choose among various formats. If you want to 3D print your part, save it in the .STL format and then it will be ready to upload it on our online 3D printing service!        

TS 1.3 2.jpg