Create a sketch with TopSolid


  • 1.1. Getting started with TopSolid Software
  • 1.2. Create a sketch
  • 1.3. Edit the sketch
  • 1.4. Create arcs
  • 1.5. Trim the sketch
  • 2.1. Extrude the sketch
  • 2.2. Create a drilling
  • 2.3. Hollow your 3D part
  • 2.4. Add fillets and Chamfers

As soon as you open the software, you will land on this page. To get started, click on the “Part” button on the left of the menu.

On the new window that will appear, select “Create a new project” if you want to start designing a sketch from the beginning. Then, click on the green button to validate. 

TS 1.1 2.jpg

Then, you will be asked to name the project. Let’s call it “3D part” and click again on the green button to validate. 

TS 1.1 3.jpg

After that, your project is created and you will be redirected to the sketch menu that looks like in the following picture. The software automatically names it “part 1” and it corresponds to the first sketch that you will create. Of course you can rename it as you wish.  

TS 1.1 4.jpg

There are 3 possible ways that you can start designing. 

One is to create a sketch simply by right clicking on the empty sketch area and select “Sketch”.

TS 1.1 5.jpg

The other is to left click on the pencil button (as indicated by the red arrow in the following picture) or directly select the shape you want to draw by clicking on the dedicated shape buttons (as indicated by the green arrows in the following picture).  

TS 1.1 6.jpg

Alternatively, you can select the “Free Sketch Tool” or “Contour” and draw a sketch of continuous lines on your own. 

TS 1.1 7.jpg

Either way, the result is the same. By selecting the “Contour” Tool you will create the outline of your part. Validate, and the shape will look like this:

TS 1.1 8.jpg

If you don’t want to have such a simple sketch, you can add some more design features. Let’s add a circle, by clicking on the “Circle” button on the upper menu tab. 

TS 1.1 9.jpg

By creating two circles of different diameters, the sketch looks like this: 

TS 1.1 10.jpg

Click on the center of each circle and move it around. You can place it anywhere you want in the sketch area, without it losing its size. 

TS 1.1 11.jpg

Now let’s put some arcs to “bridge” the circles with the rest of our sketch. To do so, go to the arc tool on the upper menu bar. Select the “Radius” option, and deselect the rest of the checked options, as indicated in the following picture. 

TS 1.1 12.jpg

Click from one point of the circle to the other, to form the arc you want. 

TS 1.1 13.jpg

TS 1.1 14.jpg

Then, exit the arc mode in order to change the direction of the arcs. Let’s say we want the 2nd arc to have the same curvature as the 1st arc.  

TS 1.1 15.jpg

You can invert the curvature of the drawn arc by right clicking on the 2nd arc and select “Symmetric”. 

TS 1.1 16.jpg

As you can see on the following picture, the arc’s direction is automatically flipped. 

TS 1.1 17.jpg

Now that your sketch is ready, let’s trim everything together, to give it the final shape. Go to the “Trim” button on the upper side of the menu. 

TS 1.1 18.jpg

Keep the box of the “Delete Selected parts” checked, and start deleting the lines of the sketch that you don’t want anymore. 

TS 1.1 19.jpg

TS 1.1 20.jpg

After trimming, the final sketch should look like this:

TS 1.1 21.jpg

TS 1.1 1.jpg