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Discover what the tech press thinks about Batch Control !

Posted By Arthur Cassaignau on Jan 14, 2014 | 0 comments

The Consumer Electronic Show 2014  just finished a few days ago. We’ve received lots of interests during the show, and the international press gave us great reviews.

This year, we were presenting Batch Control. This new feature, targeted at individuals, professionals and businesses, is currently available for everyone now in beta on Sculpteo and you’ll be able to activate it starting from 20 units. It gives users greater control over the quality, pricing and orientation of multi-unit orders.


Discover what the tech press thinks about Batch Control:

Engadget writes:

 “Using Sculpteo’s software, customers can view the order inside the printer, compare pricing in real time and control both axis and orientation all while nabbing multiple units in a single batch. As far as customization goes, 11 colors, three finishes and two resolutions are offered for orders in an effort to cut production costs, allow for limited editions and more ” 


Anna Kaziunas France from Make Magazine met Clément Moreau (Sculpteo’s CEO). She writes:

“I caught up with Clement Moreau, Sculpteo’s  CEO and founder, to learn more about the addition of “Batch Control”  to their 3D Printing Cloud Engine , announced at CES 2014. Batch Control allows users of Sculpteo’s 3D printing services to choose the orientation and resolution of the parts within multi-unit orders (over 20 pieces). This enables Sculpteo customers to visualize their order and optimize the positioning for the best price, which is updated instantly.”

Rude Baguette loved our Batch Control feature: 

“For anyone that has been using Sculpteo’s services to get their prototypes will be very happy with this announcement. It also marks a new chapter in the 3D printing industry, instead of using Sculpteo just to get a cute iPhone cover or an action figure companies can rely more on it to order the parts they need in bulk quantities.”

Fabbaloo also said some nice words about us:

“We think this is a big step forward for those who use 3D print services. It’s no longer a way to “just print things”; it’s now a personal factory service. Need 100 items? Just press the button. Need 200? Press it again.”

The same goes for TCT Magazine:

and 3D Printing Industry;

If you have any question about our CES or about Batch Control, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!



We will be very happy to show you what we do with 3D printing for the future of manufacturing !

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