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New Ebook: The Ultimate Laser Cutting Guide – Discover our new Laser Cutting service!

Posted By Charles Desjonqueres on Sep 8, 2016 | 0 comments

This week, Sculpteo is releasing its brand new Laser Cutting service!

In order for you to learn more about Lasers, Laser Cutting, and Sculpteo’s Laser Cutting service, we published our “ Ultimate Laser Cutting Guide” E-book! Here are some of the topics that are analyzed in this E-book.


Origins and operating of Laser Cutting

As the result of the work of great physicists such as Albert Einstein, Laser is well known for being extremely directional, for having a very thin spectrum, for being a source of coherent light, and being very powerful. These properties make Laser commonly used in a large variety of fields, from fundamental physics to medicine, or even industrial applications.



From design to object – Sculpteo’s service

In our case, the interest is – You’ll have understood – the industrial application of Laser! Since the 1980s, Laser is industrially used to cut various materials: steel, wood, plastic… More recently, Laser cutting has been evolving as a part of the digital manufacturing wave.

As you probably know, Sculpteo already offers an online 3D printing service, with software tools that enable customers to fix their 3D model, analyze it, and choose a material amongst 30+ possibilities. Today, Sculpteo has decided to revolutionize laser cutting  by applying its expertise in digital manufacturing to laser cutting! Discover how to use our service in this E-book.



Applications of Laser Cutting

Maybe the existing applications of laser cutting can inspire you for your project? Laser cutting has been largely used in aeronautics, energy, fashion and prototyping! You will be able to learn more about the existing utilizations of laser in our E-Book.



To learn more about these subjects, don’t forget to download our “ Ultimate Laser Cutting Guide” !


Most importantly, don’t hesitate to upload a 2D design and to try our tools!

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