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2018: Cette année on sculpteo blog, we covered the news and trends about 3d printing. You'll find a selection of tutorials and posts about the 3d printing technologies, the 3D printing materials and the best 3d modeling software

3D printing: What happened in 2018?

A lot of amazing things can happen in just one year. For 3D printing, 2018 has been a really great year, for the whole 3D printing world, but also for Sculpteo. Let’s take a look at this amazing year and more precisely, at all the amazing projects cr...

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Le guide Sculpteo pour la production de petites séries

Impression 3D/Fabrication traditionnelle : Guide pour optimiser vos coûts de production compare l’impression 3D au moulage par injection. Prenant en compte de nombreux facteurs, tels que la taille, quantité et complexité de votre objet à produire, ce...

Battle of software: Blender vs Maya

  Today we carry on with our battle of software! In our recent posts, we talked about Fusion 360 vs Solidworks and SketchUp vs Blender. In this blog post, we will come back to the latter one and compare it with Maya. What are the applications of thes...

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