3D print your own figurines and avatars

Heroic fantasy, manga, science-fiction, alternative universes or wedding... you design your worlds in 3D, Sculpteo 3D print them!

Discover the benefits of 3D printing for figurines...

3d printed figurines

What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing or additive manufacturing is a digital manufacturing technology that enables us to transform a 3D file into an object layer by layer. The 3D file sums up all descriptive information about the 3D model so that they could be translated into a group of digital orders for a 3D printer.

The benefits of Sculpteo 3D Printing for customized figurines

Our professional-grade 3D Printers are able to produce high-detailed objects thanks to excellent resolution (layer thickness up to 25 microns). This high-detailed rendering is strongly appreciated for sculptures and customized figurines.

There’s no minimum order, we manufacture your model starting at 1 copy. This way, you can do tests before ordering larger quantities.

You can easily change the scale of your design directly online, avoiding you from uploading several versions of the same 3D model.

3d printed figurines

Best figurines projects with 3D printing

3d printed figurines

Outcasts of Jupiter and their 3D printed figurines

skoda fabia retail 3d printing

SKODA France 3D prints little Fabias!

Mont St Michel in 3D printing

Recreating Mont St Michel in 3D

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