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Our Online Laser Cutting Service: what the media says

Posted By Hannah Bensoussan on Oct 26, 2016 | 0 comments

We launched our new online laser cutting service almost 2 months ago now, going from a 3D printing online factory to a broader digital manufacturing online factory. This is a first step towards becoming the factory of the future, gathering several digital manufacturing techniques on one platform, directly accessible online. For now, our laser cutting service is available for plexiglass, cardboard, plywood and MDF, and we’re working on expanding this laser cutting materials range. We recently launched a brand new 1 mm thick plexiglass, that you can see used in this article about our laser cut “back to school kit”.


Today we gathered a few of the articles that were written about this change, to give some perspective on how our work is perceived.


With laser cutting and 3D printing, on our way to the factory of the future

3DPrint.com covered our new laser cutting service in “Outside of the Additive Box: Sculpteo Unveils New Laser Engraving Service”, in which they showcased our 3D printed and laser cut drone, and our laser cut Maya pyramid.  The pyramid uses 30 of our material options, and comes apart so that each material can be handled separately. We recently created a laser cutting sample kit that also allows you to handle each one of our materials, in order to choose which one will best fit your project.

laser cutting sample kit


Fabbaloo, in their article “What’s This? Sculpteo Adds 2D Technologies?“, make an interesting point about choosing between those two digital manufacturing technologies. They point out that often, people rush to 3D printing for their project, when in reality it is not the technology that fits best. In some circumstances, like to realize flat objects, laser cutting does the job just as well, with a different set of material choices, and at a lower cost. Gathering the two technologies on one platform allows to make a more informed choice, that doesn’t depend on convenience: laser cutting and 3D printing are now just as conveniently accessible, just a few clicks away!

To quote directly from the article:

“Laser cutting is indeed a very useful technology, and in fact I often refer people to it rather than 3D printing because for many types of objects, laser cutting is simply more efficient, effective and inexpensive.

With such constraints, you should only 3D print objects whose geometries require that technology. Other making technologies, such as CNC milling, molding and cutting are sometimes less expensive and must always be considered.”


laser cutting material pyramid


3D Printing industry, in their article “Sculpteo Adds Online Laser Cutting Service“, mentions us moving towards the factory of the future:

“This move probably indicates a manufacturing future where multiple technologies are utilised simultaneously in mass production. We may see Sculpteo as a practitioner of such idea, as is displayed in their platform —— the factory of the future.”


3D Printed and Laser Cut drone



Upload your 2D design on an intuitive laser cutting interface

3DPrintr.com, in their article “Sculpteo Now Offers Laser Cutting Pared with Online 3D Printing“, talked about our interface itself, and wrote:

“The interface was thought to allow the user to configure and optimize himself his production. He can change the file settings online without any software, he can reduce the price and, in the end, he only pays for the real quantity of materials used, in comparison with other services.”


Configuration Laser cutting interface


Make Magazine published an article written by our CEO, Clément Moreau, called “5 Key Considerations for Your Laser Cut Design“, in which he gives advice to consider before uploading a design on our platform.


In French media too:

And for the French speakers, our new laser cutting service was also covered in Les Echos (“Après l’impression 3D, Sculpteo lance la découpe laser en ligne“) and L’Usine Nouvelle (“Sculpteo, spécialiste de l’impression 3D, se diversifie dans la découpe laser“).


Want to know more about our laser cutting service? You can check out our free ebook, The Ultimate Laser Cutting Guide, or our laser cutting pages.





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