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Black Friday: Get 25% Off on All your 3D Prints and Laser Cuts!

Posted By Sculpteo on Nov 23, 2016 | 0 comments

Next Friday is BLACK FRIDAY!! For this occasion, we offer 25% off all orders above $120 (or 120€) on all our materials, all our technologies, all our finishes! Careful: The $120 (or 120€) don’t include shipping costs.

The discount will last from Friday morning (00:00 on Friday Paris time or 3pm on Thursday San Francisco time) to Sunday night (Midnight in San Francisco time, or 9 am on Monday in Paris time).

It’s the perfect time to try out materials, technologies and finishes that you might not have tried out yet, to experiement, and to finalize your 2016 projects! Prehaps 3D print and laser cut Christmas presents as well. 


Upload your design – Discount code BLACKFILE


blackfriday Sculpteo Discount everything


To give you a few ideas of what you might want to try out in this discounted order, we thought we’d give you a tour of our many 2016 innovations! If you haven’t had the chance to test them, well, maybe it’s the right moment! 

You can now laser cut with Sculpteo!

40% of our clients told us that they used laser cutting as well as 3D printing, and hoped that we’d make laser cutting as accessible as we’ve made 3D printing. So we did it. We created an intuitive interface specifically for laser cutting to allow you to download your design, repair your file and customize your options, and receive your part in a few clicks. See the whole list of our 60+ laser cutting materials options here.

  • You can order our acrylic in 17 different colors, in 5 different thicknesses.
  • We have 2 different types of plywood, poplar and okoumé. With the very beautiful wood texture, you can create unique objects and parts.
  • MDF is very nice for engraving, and you can have it in various colors: green, red, yellow, gray or black.
  • Four types of carboard are available

VERY NEW: you can ask on our platform for a specific need of material we don’t offer, thanks to our new tool ‘custom material’.

See our laser cutting tutorials to help you design here.

Upload your design – Discount code BLACKFILE

3D Printed and Laser Cut drone

Our 3D printed and laser cut drone


Our Carbon CLIP Resins

CLIP (Continuous Liquid Interface Production) technology is a continuous 3D printing process. With their incredibly smooth rendering, CLIP parts look very similar to injection molded models, and their technical properties push 3D printing to a new level. The CLIP 3D Printing process is also incredibly fast compared to other 3D printing technologies. The CLIP resins can be used for prototyping and production. We are the only online 3D printing service to provide CLIP 3D printing!

Those four following resins went out of Beta this year:

  • RPU: the very rigid black resin. Learn more
  • EPU : our rubber-like material. EPU resin is rubbery, resistant, flexible and stretchable.  Learn more
  • Cyanate Ester: our beautiful yellow translucent material. Very well known for its good resistance to high temperature! Learn more
  • Acrylate Prototyping: this Carbon resin is very solid and will give very a good aspect to your prototypes. Learn more

Upload your design – Discount code BLACKFILE

EPU Stretch new material 3D print CLIP

Our CLIP EPU: The printed object is flexible and will automatically take back its original shape

New colors for our white plastic!

We worked on new paintings this year. They are spread on the material using a spray gun, for a uniform application and smooth surface and maintain every detail of the printed object. The paint layer only adds 200 microns of thickness on average, and is more durable than our dyeing finish. 

See more here!

Painting Portfolio


Get a smoothed surface for the white plastic

Our new smoothing beautifier finish, created by Sculpteo, gives a smooth surface to your parts, making it virtually undifferentiable from a plastic injection part. Learn more here!


3D printing Raw-Smoothing-Polished-Small

Upload your design – Discount code BLACKFILE

Solid Black Plastic!

Like our white plastic, solid back plastic is a fine black polyamide powder. It is produced thanks to the Selective Laser Sintering technology (SLS), based on a powder bed fusion process.

Learn more here!


And always more content to help you make the most of 3D printing

It’s very important for us to help you learn more about 3D printing and digital manufacturing, that’s why we create specific, technical content – and for this you don’t need a discount code, it’s always free! This year, we created more free ebooks and tutorials, to help you gain 3D printing and laser cutting expertise. With the introducing of laser cutting in our online services, we’ve gone from an online 3D printing service to an online digital manufacturing service. We created an infographic about Digital Manufacturing and its benefits to the industry. Check it out here.


To use all these new features and all the old ones, use the discount code  BLACKFILE at checkout, for 25% off every order above $120 (or 120€)!


Upload your design – Discount code BLACKFILE



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