Top 11 of the best jewelry design software

Top 11 of the best jewelry design software

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You can create almost everything with 3D printing, and with our online 3D printing service, you can access a lot of printing materials. You have the possibility to print different plastics or resins, but also metals. As a matter of fact, it is even possible to create jewelry using 3D printing. When you create jewelry, you need accuracy and you have to use the best technology. At Sculpteo, we give you access to different printing technologies. For instance, Binder Jetting and Wax Casting are very useful to 3D print jewelry. We are able to do this thanks to ExOne’s professional printers and to ProJet 3500 CPX HD which will print your 3D metal creations, including jewelry. To 3D print jewelry, you first need to work on a 3D file, and create a 3D model for your jewelry with a 3D design software.

Beginner or experienced, there is necessarily a program that will meet your needs and your level of expertise. We’ll help you to find the software you need with our Top 11 of the best jewelry design software.


Find the jewelry design software that you need

Whatever you’re planning to create, you’ll have to use a 3D CAD design software to make a 3D file. You may be beginner or experienced, a professional jeweler, an artist or a hobbyist. Whoever you are, there is necessarily a program that will meet your needs and help you to design your object. To create jewelry, the process is the same, you need to find a jewelry CAD software to shape accurate models, with a lot of CAD tools.

You want to create organic shapes? You would like to 3D print a geometrical jewel? Anything is possible, and we are sure that there is a program for you out there, that will help you design perfectly your 3D jewelry!

In this top, you’ll find some softwares totally created to design jewelry. Other ones are traditional 3D modeling or sculpting software, which can also help you to create impressive designs for your jewelry.


Specialized Jewelry Design Software


  • RhinoGold

If you know a little about 3D modeling, then you certainly know Rhino3D. It is particularly popular in architecture or industrial design as it can help you to create complex and precise models. Several versions are available, and one of them will be interesting for you if you want to do some jewelry design: it’s called RhinoGold. This software is dedicated to jewelry design, and allows you to create very detailed pieces of jewelry.

You got a large choice of jewelry components and you can combine them. You can do whatever you want, like body rings, earrings, bracelets, halos, pendants, eternity bands, etc. You can also build your jewelry from scratch with the several tools offered by RhinoGold to create a unique design! Modeling module and engraving module are included, this makes RhinoGold an efficient software to create your jewelry 3D model.


  • Matrix

If you’re a professional and work in the jewelry industry you may know this Matrix software. It is a popular and efficient tool to do 3D printing jewelry design. Matrix is ideal if you want to start a project from the beginning. This CAD program is specifically designed to create jewelry, but you need to be a little experienced to use this one as it is a complex tool. It has all the same advantages as Rhino, but the interface is entirely made for jewelers. Moreover, it contains step-by-step builders to help in your creative exploration.

Photo credit: , Sonny Martinez

Photo credit: , Sonny Martinez


  • 3Design

3Design is also a CAD software entirely dedicated to jewelry design. It claims to be “made by jewelers, for jewelers”. With this program, you can aim to create highly detailed 3D objects. It allows you to see photorealistic images of your 3D models before printing it. You can obtain a realistic rendering as this jewelry CAD software is inspired by video games graphics technology. As its interface is quite intuitive, it is easy to learn with a little bit of training. No doubt, this CAD software is going to improve your production methods to get the perfect 3D printed jewelry. It includes many precise tools that will be useful for micro pave or stone creation for example.

A library of various objects is integrated and will offer you several possibilities.

  • Firestorm CAD software

This jewelry CAD modeling software is designed for jewelry manufacturing. Many tools are created especially for jewelry design, but you don’t need to be an expert to model with this software, as it has short learning curves. Thi software is perfect to create 3D jewelry with organic shapes, with its fast editing tools. A library is also included in this CAD software.


More Software for Jewelry Design


  • Zbrush

Zbrush is a digital sculpting tool, allowing to model, paint and texture the object that you’re planning to 3D print. You can obtain high-resolution models with this one. ZBrush uses a “3D pixels” technology. Each pixel is called “pixol” and contains information on depth, orientation, material and color value.

Photo credit :

Photo credit :

Zbrush is used by many jewelry designers as it is a good software to create detailed designs for jewelry or fashion accessories. ZBrush is a great solution if you want to create intricate models, it allows you to sculpt anything you want and add a lot of details, as gemstones for example. It is ideal to work on the texture and surfaces of your 3D model. With ZBrush, you’re free and can be as creative as you want. You can give life to any of your ideas but you need to have a little experience with 3D modeling before using it for your jewelry designs.

Zbursh has a partnership with Sculpteo allowing you to directly export your 3D models and print them thanks to our online 3D printing service. It cannot be easier!


  • Blender

Blender is a free software. This open source 3D modeling software is developed by Blender Foundation. Blender has a mesh-based direct modeling system, not a parametric one. A lot of tutorials are available to help users, but as this 3D modeling software is a little bit advanced, it will not really suit beginners. This software is more interesting for an artistic use, and thus, it’s quite relevant to create 3D jewelry.

You need to know the basic functionalities of Blender before using it. If you are interested in using Blender, check out our Blender tutorial which will help you model, export and correct your 3D design to 3D print it.


  • Sketchup

Sketchup is developed by Trimble and can be used by anyone. It’s a free and popular software for 3D printing. It is also very useful for beginners, who don’t have a lot of experience with a 3D modeling software. As Sketchup is particularly useful to design geometrical models, it can be relevant to use this software if you want to create geometrical jewelry.

If you’re new with 3D modeling and you want to use Sketchup, take a look at our Sketchup tutorial that will give you good beginners tips to use it for 3D printing.


  • Moment of Inspiration (MOI):

Moment of Inspiration (also known as MoI), it is a little bit similar to Rhino, but way cheaper. It has less functionalities and plugins, but you have all the basic tools to design your jewelry. This software already has a user base involved in jewelry design. MoI is made for artist and designers, but it can be really interesting to use it to create jewelry.

This CAD software is a good solution if you are just getting started with jewelry design!


  • 3Shaper

3Shaper is a sculpting and free-form modeler. It can be used as a module in 3Design if you take the professional version, but can also be used alone, in its stand-alone version. 3Shaper allows you to create organic shapes and work on details. For example, you can easily create ajours with this one. The workspace is now maximized for more efficiency.

Feel free to use your artistic skills with 3Shaper.


  • Tinkercad

Tinkercad is a simple and user-friendly software. It’s a good software if you’re new with 3D modeling. You can directly get an access to this program in your internet browser. It’s totally free and you don’t need previous experiences with a CAD software to use it! You can create a lot of different models, so keep in mind that this software can be very useful if you are new with jewelry design.

And if you want to create your 3D model or design your piece of jewelry in just a few minutes, go check our Tinkercad tutorial! We are going to explain to you how take in hand this online design tool.


  • Mudbox

Mudbox is a digital painting and sculpting software acquired by Autodesk. Particularly useful to create and modify artistic objects, for example jewelry. It allows you to work on organic shapes, texture painting, and displacement. Mudbox is quite similar to ZBrush, but this 3D modeling software is more traditional. It uses layers, allowing the user to store different details passes, adding masks on the layers and blending them. This way the user can work on the 3D model of his creation without making permanent changes. This could obviously be a great solution for your jewelry designs.


We hope that this top 11 helped you to find the right software, adapted to your project and your needs, and that it will help you to develop your creativity and stimulate your inspiration.

Once your 3D model is completely done, you need to 3D print your jewel?

Good news, you can use our online 3D printing service. Thanks to the Binder Jetting 3D printers developed by ExOne, we’re able to 3D print jewelry with stainless steel 420 BR using the M-Flex printer. The material is perfect to 3D print jewelry. You can also use  Wax Metal Casting to give life to your jewelry.

Give it a try and upload your 3D model here!


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