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Top 20 of the best Mechanical Engineering Schools in the world

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We sometimes just ignore it, but Mechanical Engineering is all around us. It’s one of those technologies that are limitless and constantly changing. From the invention of the wheel, everything started spinning fast, we soon had cars, trains, planes and flew to the moon. Mechanical Engineers design and manufacture everything, from tiny phone chips, life-saving medical devices to jet engines of your next flight. If you believe in technology, choose Mechanical Engineering for your future.


To help with school search and making the most prospective decision, we listed for you the Top 20 of the best Mechanical Engineering Schools in the world. With our blog post, you will learn what each school offers in terms of education and courses. We based our list on a trustworthy source from Most of them also invest in Additive Manufacturing as they see the potential of this technology and how bright the future of 3D printing is. Let’s see what they hold for your career!

20. ETH Zürich- Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Switzerland)


Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) Zürich is one of the best mechanical engineering schools in Europe, founded in 1855. It offers a wide range of programs in engineering, architecture, mathematics, natural science, management, and social sciences. You don’t have to be Einstein to study there, however, he graduated this school in 1901.


Probably even Einstein would see the potential of 3D printing and so does ETH. They have researchers and labs studying the technology. As one of the best Mechanical Engineering schools, they recently developed bioinspired recyclable materials for mass production. Another achievement of their 9T Labs might even be ground-breaking for Additive Manufacturing. What is it?


This summer they announced their discovery of ultra lightweight and super strong 3D printing material: Carbon. The material in question is well known but hasn’t been very popular in the 3D printing industry due to its price and time-consuming manufacturing process. Carbon is stronger than steel and aluminum, at the same time up to 5 times lighter, which makes it very attractive to use in aircraft, cars, bikes, but also robots and medical devices. Now, with the technique of 3D printing with Carbon, it might be more achievable.


19. Seoul National University (South Korea)


This university was created as a combination of 10 higher education institutions giving the students the possibility to choose from 83 undergraduate degree programmes and 99 for masters and doctors. The school has a Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering with innovative programs, for instance, to develop cutting-edge technologies for future transportation, as well as research on nanotechnology, biomechanics, or sports science.


18. Peking University (China)


Peking University is an outstanding institution when it comes to combining education with student life. The University not only combines 30 colleges with 12 departments, 93 bachelor degree programs, 199 masters degrees, and 173 options to get a doctoral title but also is home to the Museum of University  History and the Arthur M. Cackler Museum of Art and Archeology.

The School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science at Peking University hosts 4 departments: of Computer Science and Technology, of Electronics, of Microelectronics, and lastly of Machine Intelligence.

As one of the best Mechanical Engineering Schools in the world, Peking University also uses 3D printing and back a few years ago they revolutionized the use of Additive Manufacturing technologies with their successfully implanted 3D printed vertebrae in a 12-year-old spine. The components were produced with 3D printing metal powder- titanium. The doctors went even further with their implants and thanks to 3D printing design freedom created tiny pores so the boy’s bones could grow into the 3D printed part, which eliminated the use of cement and screws.


17. Politecnico di Milano (Italy)

This Italian University stands out compared to other Mechanical Engineering schools for its traditional take on education. However, they also move forward with the technology and latest innovations offering masters and bachelor degrees in Production Systems, Mechatronics and Robotics, Visual Prototyping, Internal Combustion Engines and Turbomachinery, Advanced Mechanical Design and others.


16. KAIST- Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (South Korea)


KAIST combines traditional engineering discipline with latest technologies, where the research areas cover fields of Design Manufacturing for Reliability, Biomedical Engineering, Multi Transcending Scale Engineering, Energy: Generation, Efficiency sustainability and Intelligent Mechatronics Robotics. Their Department of Mechanical Engineering also offers 3D printing engineer degrees as they see how much impact Additive Manufacturing will have.


15. Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) offers great programmes at their School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE), including a ph.D. in Additive Manufacturing. Their students face various projects, such as GonioPen which is a new scope to diagnose glaucoma, or a Robots which uses a 3D camera and its two arms to assembly things, for example, IKEA chair.


MAE is one of the top Mechanical Engineering Schools for good reasons. Their latest development included using Additive Manufacturing technologies to 3D print the world’s first human skin matching natural pigment. This is revolutionary for burn and diabetes victims as well as more ethical drug and cosmetic testing.

14.California Institute of Technology (USA)

This Science and Engineering Research Institution is one of the best Mechanical Engineering schools in the world, based just outside of Los Angeles. It was opened in 1891 with the mission ‘’to expand human knowledge and benefit society through research integrated with education’’. California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is highly focused on teaching technical arts and applied sciences. The school can also take pride in housing Jet Propulsion Laboratory owned by NASA.


As Caltech works on bringing the best of innovative technologies to the world, they of course use 3D printing. One of their graduate students developed new process allowing 3D printing of Nanoscale Metal Structures.

13. Delft University of Technology (Netherlands)

Delft University has a good place among other Mechanical Engineering schools thanks to their aim to teach the students innovative thinking, design and manufacturing process as well as to give them an in-depth understanding of all mechanical engineering disciplines. They deliver that with their 6 mechanical engineering programs: Biomechanical design, Energy & Process Technology, High- Tech Engineering, Opto- Mechatronics, Transport Engineering and Logistics, Vehicle Engineering.


It’s not a surprise that Additive Manufacturing has been an inseparable part of Delft’s students’ projects. From hybrid meta-biomaterials for hip implants shown in the video above, extremely complex shape-shifting 3D printed structures for bone regeneration, to development of 3D printed bacteria that could lead to 3D printed electronics in Space!


12. The National University of Singapore (Singapore)

The National University of Singapore (NUS) is well known for its innovative entrepreneurship education, rigorous discipline, and experiential learning. Their take on education is that mechanical engineering is involved in our everyday life and it’s crucial for the students to learn design, manufacturing and operating any product or system.



Within the mechanical engineering department, there are three faculties, you can specialize in Aeronautical Engineering, Energy and Sustainability, as well as Centre of Aerospace Engineering. NUS also offers Construction 3D Printing program with the goal to develop sustainable materials and mass production of building structures with Additive Manufacturing. They will also specialize in medical applications of 3D printing.

11. Tsinghua University (China)

This University has a great history. It was established in 1911 as an anti-colonialist statement. In 2015 the school was ranked one of the best in the world for both engineering and computer science programs. Tsinghua University knows well that they have to keep up with the high-tech and demanding Chinese industry. They offer a wide range of courses and research such as biofabrication science and technology, robotics, advanced design technology and digitalization, or intelligent control technology and modern management.



Of course, keeping our fast-paced times in mind, this university also uses 3D printing technologies in their projects. Some of the most impressive research the school conducted was a development of 3D bioprinting method of producing uniform blocks of embryonic stem cells, potentially leading to printing complex living tissue.

10. Georgia Institute of Technology (USA)

Our Top 10 of the best Mechanical Engineering schools opens Georgia Institute of Technology. Their department of engineering is consistently in the top 10 at both undergrad and graduate levels. They strongly believe in experiential learning activities as well as the importance of learning innovation from other countries and studying abroad.

Georgia Institute of Technology performs research in numerous fields, for instance, Mechanics, Robotics, Thermal Sciences, Energy Systems, Bioengineering, Fluid Mechanics, Nuclear and Medical Physics, Acoustics, Tribology, Design, and Manufacturing.



This University is among the best mechanical engineering schools for a reason and that’s also thanks to keeping up with the modern world and constantly evolving technologies. Georgian Institute has a 3D printing Room where students can use 3D scanners and printers for their projects and rapid prototyping.


9. The University of Tokyo (Japan)

This school was first established as an imperial University in 1877. The University can pride itself in impressive careers of their graduates, 15 out of 62 Japan’s prime ministers were educated there and 5 alumni became astronauts.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is based on four fundamental disciplines of mechanics: mechanical dynamics, material mechanics, fluid dynamics and thermodynamics. Those aspects are introduced in a wide range of courses including the environment, energy, biomedical design and production, and system engineering.


8. Imperial College of London (UK)


Created in the 19th century as an idea of combining arts and science for the best educational results, it still holds this motto. It is an exceptional institution focusing on science, engineering, medicine, and business.

The College’s Department of Engineering offers lectures, tutorials, and labs in thermofluids, materials, mechanics, mechatronics, stress analysis, and design. As one of the leading mechanical engineering schools they of course also offer Additive Manufacturing research for multidisciplinary projects.


7. The University of Oxford (UK)


The University of Oxford is not only one of the best mechanical engineering schools, but also one of the oldest. Its beginning is dated back to 11th century making it the oldest university in the English-speaking world. It’s a very globalized school with 40% of international students and they can proudly introduce their alumni, among them 120 Olympic medalists, 26 Nobel Prize winners and over 30 modern world leaders.

Their Engineering Science department offers 6 branches of engineering: Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Information, and Mechanical. After the 4th year, the undergraduate students choose specialist courses for a research project, all are for engineering: Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Information, Production, and Mechanical. For the University of Oxford, hands-on experience is crucial, so their students have great opportunities for sponsorships.

The University of Oxford could stay behind other mechanical engineering schools, so they also invested in the cutting-edge 3D technologies. Their projects included 3D printing tissue from living structures, optical chopper enclosure, educational models and also historical antiques.


6. The University of Michigan (USA)


The University of Michigan has a Department dedicated just to Mechanical Engineering with 150 years of experience. They offer plenty of engineering technologies to specialize in, such as hybrid vehicles, nano-manufacturing, biomechanics, engineering acoustics, mechanics of polymers, advanced energy solutions and many others.

As one of the top mechanical engineering schools, the University of Michigan owns a 3D printing Lab. They offer guided 3D printing service to help those, who are new to the Additive Manufacturing world, and also production.

5. The University of California, Berkeley (USA)

Among the best American mechanical engineering schools is also The University of California (UCB), located in Berkeley. With UCB you can choose to major with either the Department of Nuclear Engineering or the Department of Materials Science and Engineering to get an undergraduate diploma.

For Graduates, UCB offers a few options for graduate degrees: MEng, MS/ Ph.D., Ph.D. or the DEng at the same time of application. It is also possible to do a Ph.D. program even if you don’t have a Masters degree. Of course, to keep up with constantly evolving technologies, UCB also has a 3D printing Lab to allow their students working with the latest innovations.

4. Harvard University (USA)

Of course, our list wouldn’t be complete without Harvard University. Always ranking among the best, we find it in the 4th place of the best mechanical engineering schools. Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences starts in the mid 19th century.

Their main research interests are applied mathematics, applied physics, bioengineering, computer science, electrical engineering, environmental science & engineering, materials & mechanical engineering, science, technology & public policy. But you don’t have to pick one as Harvard University is proceeding with an interdisciplinary take of modern research and they don’t have traditional academic departments. Their researchers work in many areas and collaborate with colleagues throughout the university.



It doesn’t come as a surprise that the Harvard University has a 3D printing lab, they can show off research on human organs on chops, 3D bioprinting of living tissues and even 4D printing of shapeshifting devices. Their goal is to make the most of the technology we already have, but also to go further. One of their latest projects is printing with sound, where researchers use acoustic forces to create droplets that were unachievable before.

3. University of Cambridge (UK)


Ranked at the 3rd place on the podium of our list of the best mechanical engineering schools is an 800-years-old British University of Cambridge. Their take on educating young minds is to lead them in many directions: from mathematics, physics, computer science to engineers. All those aspects of learning are combined for the best results.

Their mechanical engineering programs focus not only on the most important disciplines such as material science, robotics, mechanics. They also cultivate teamwork, problem-solving strategies and creativity.


By reaching our ranking to the top 3 it’s pretty obvious that the University of Cambridge is interested in Additive Manufacturing. At their 3D printing lab, they work with different processes and materials, including innovative InkJet Technology.

2. Stanford University (USA)

Stanford University is worldwide popular for many reasons, and they don’t disappoint when it comes to the best Mechanical Engineering schools. Their programs offer courses in energy science and technology, propulsion, sensing and control, nano- and micro-mechanics, mechatronics, computational simulation, solid and fluid dynamics, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and biomechanical engineering.

Stanford University wouldn’t reach such a high place on our list if it wasn’t one of the most innovative mechanical schools. They see a particular use for Additive Manufacturing technologies in the medical field and focus a lot on 3D printed devices, organs and models.


This project created at Stanford’s 3D printing Lab was requested to demonstrate a case of sternal foramen- a whole within sternum.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)

The top 20 of the best mechanical engineering schools leads to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This school has been around for a while delivering breakthroughs such as the concept of the expanding universe, the development of radar, or the invention of magnetic core memory.

Their department of mechanical engineering is simply the best. Their work on the most challenging and innovative projects, from researching graphene, world’s lightest and strongest material, turning natural fabrics waterproof and absolutely revolutionizing everyday products with artificial intelligence.

As you can see MIT really focuses on what’s now and what’s the future. We actually talk about them a lot as they bring news to the 3D printing world all the time. So far they developed 3D printed colloidal crystals which could print conductive structures, furniture manufactured in minutes, as well as using glass as a production material, and many more projects. We’re sure we’ll hear more about MIT’s 3D printed projects.


Have you decided on your future?

Deciding where to study mechanical engineering is not easy, but making the right choice will definitely set you off to a great career. It is a very wide field with plenty of degree programs, from biomechanical engineering, material study, hybrid cars to robotics. It’s just a matter of finding out what suits you most and choosing the best mechanical engineering school for yourself.

Other than studying mechanical engineering there are also plenty of other ways to learn 3D modeling and 3D printing. You can start with our tutorials, online classes, and blog posts, and once you succeed, you can simply upload your files to our 3D printing service and get your parts delivered straight to your door!


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