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How to design for DLS (CLIP): Discover our brand new ebook on 3D design!

Posted By Amandine Richardot on Sep 6, 2017 | 0 comments

3D design is not always an easy process. Indeed, creating viable 3D printed parts implies some constraints that change for each technology. If you wish to 3D print resin, you can use Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) technology, formerly known as CLIP, developed by Carbon. This resin 3D printing technology, available on our online 3D printing service, allows you to get high-quality parts with a great quality surface. To help you design for this process, we created this brand new ebook: How to design for DLS (CLIP).

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What is DLS (CLIP) 3D printing technology?

Digital Light Synthesis (DLS), formerly known as Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP), is a resin 3D printing process which uses a photochemical reaction to create parts that have a great surface finish, extremely smooth, as well as excellent mechanical properties.


How does DLS (CLIP) technology work? Light is projected on photocurable resins, through an oxygen-permeable window. This UV-light continuously solidifies the part while the build platform goes up. This revolutionary resin 3D printing process is much faster than other technologies. Here’s a demo of how DLS (CLIP) technology works:

If you wish to use DLS (CLIP) for 3D printing, you can discover our 5 available 3D printing resins:


What you will learn in the “How to design for DLS (CLIP)” ebook

Since this resin 3D printing technology is using a very innovative process to create your parts, it implies some specific design constraints. To help you master them, we created this DLS (CLIP) design ebook. In it, you will learn about:

  • How the DLS (CLIP) technology works
  • The different DLS (CLIP) 3D printing materials we offer at Sculpteo and how to choose between them
  • General information on how to design for DLS (CLIP) 3D printing
  • How to add supports to your DLS (CLIP) 3D model
  • How to orientate your part for DLS (CLIP) 3D printing
  • How to optimize the mass of DLS (CLIP) parts and reduce costs
  • Many other great infos on DLS (CLIP) 3D printing!


Download your free ebook about How to design for DLS (CLIP) now!


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