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The 3D Printing Experts: Our New Ebook is Available!

Posted By Amandine Richardot on Sep 26, 2017 | 0 comments

We all know that 3D printing can sometimes be quite tricky. Thus, some guidance from 3D printing experts can help to enrich your knowledge about this cutting-edge technology. That is the reason why we reached out several TOP 3D printing experts to share with us their experience in additive manufacturing, their expectations, and some tips for businesses using 3D printing.


Curious about who are these 3D printing experts? Download this free ebook directly!


Who are the 3D printing experts?

Before we delve into the content of this brand new e-book, we want to thank our experts for sharing their views with us:

  1. Steve Fournier, Additive Manufacturing Executive, Business Development and Startup Professional Investment.
  2. Clément Moreau, CEO of Sculpteo
  3. Chapman Thompson, Additive Manufacturing Manager at Google
  4. Eddy Chatelain, Method Engineer at Decathlon International
  5. Jack McCauley, Chief Engineer at Lucid VR


What you will learn in this 3D printing experts ebook

Each of the experts shares their 3D printing experience and shows how this technology is used not only to customize parts but also to create devices. For instance, some of them can save people’s lives just as Steve Fournier explains:


“One rewarding and great use of Additive Manufacturing technologies use case was a collaboration between UC Berkeley/LBNL and KLA-Tencor to develop and produce 25 mobile Loa Loa virus worm detection devices which, ultimately, will allow to save thousands of lives by detecting and diagnosing the disease and dispensing its associate medicine in time and accurately. My AM group participated to the World Health Organization-sponsored project to use AM rapid prototyping to quickly revise and optimize the design of the device, as well as optimize the production process of the 25 pilot units we sent to Cameroon for beta testing. The project was completed on time and below budget due to the use of AM technologies, and was a complete success, which is now in its phase of full production to expand the program to several countries in Africa”.


The same goes for Chapman Thompson, Additive Manufacturing Manager at Google:


“One of the most interesting projects we worked on was a tablet enclosure for tablets being used by doctors treating Ebola patients. Someone noted that although the doctors were protected by PPE, the pencils and paper that they were taking notes on were not. We don’t plan to have the bandwidth to support a consumer-based production project. This type of project could potentially require the production of millions of parts. We printed several tablet enclosures in clear SLA material which allowed the designers and users to see if there were any breaches of the sealed enclosures. The tablets in the enclosures could be dipped in a chlorine solution for sterilization”.

Chapman Thompson also told us a bit about Google’s centralized additive manufacturing service. Find out more here!


Besides sharing their personal experiences, they also explain how 3D printing is a game-changing technology and what you can expect in the next 5 years. As our CEO, Clément Moreau explains:


“Being able to produce physical goods in short series is clearly a game-changer. We can anticipate it will bring the same kind of revolutions to real-world objects as what happened with “app stores” and “e-book self-publishing”. Today it’s possible to write a book and become a best-seller without the support of big publishing companies. It will be possible to create an IoT device and be successful without first fighting for investors… The Financial subject will come after the first production run is done and sold-out!”


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