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3D Printing applications broaden horizon of many industries

Sculpteo 3D Printing service partners with many industry pioneers to challenge product development processes and production habits. 3D Printing applications cover various sectors from education to industry, and the whole value chain from prototypes to spare part management. In this page, you'll learn how Sculpteo online 3D printing service can help you develop faster, produce better and improve your business. A section focuses also on personal uses of 3D Printing.

Top 3D Printing Applications per Industry

3D printed mockup for architecture by Sven architecture

3D printing applications  in Architecture and Construction

Beautiful and durable models for conception and promotion of construction industry

3D printed prototype for the shipbuilding industry

3D printing applications in Maritime Industry

Prototypes and improved spare part management for shipbuilding

3D printed ancilarry tool for an elbow orthopedic surgery

3D printing applications in Healthcare and Medical

Surgical guides, custom prosthetics and education models for medical professionals

Scaled 3D printed Molecule

3d printing applications in Chemical Industry

Enlargement of molecular structures and mechanical parts for laboratory tooling.

Piece mecanique optimisee avec l'impression 3D

3d printing applications in Mechanics

Functional prototypes and final products like 3d printed gears. Masters and mechanical parts to be machined.

3D printed fruits and vegetable to calibrate machines for the 3D printing industry

3d printing applications for Food Industry

Beyond 3D printed sugar, discover examples of prototypes and tools to build or calibrate your machinery in the food industry.

Students holding a 3D printed satellite

3d printing applications in Education

Bridge theory and reality by making objects with 3D Printing. Train your students to design real products.

3D printed drone parts

3d printing applications in Aeronautics and Space

Prototypes and functional production parts for planes, drones and satellites. Check aeronautics and aerospace applications.

3D printed high tech products

3d printing applications in High Tech

Machine components and accessories for crowdfunding series of high tech products.

Students holding a 3D printed satellite

3d printing applications for Drones

Prototypes and functional production parts for drones. Check 3d printing drones applications.

3D printed drone parts

3d printing applications in Retail

New structures, customization, 3d printing store. Check retail applications.

3D printed high tech products

3d printing application in Energy

Prototypes and functional production parts for energy production. Check energy applications.

3D Printing prototype of a carter

3d printing applications in Automotive

Supply chain management, sales tools and prototypes for automotive industry. A new way of thinking cars during the complete life cycle.

3D printed Virus dress

3d printing applications in Textile and Fashion

New structures, on-demand clothes, new materials are changing the shape of the fashion industry. Check Textile applications of 3D Printing.

3D printed Poppy Robot

3d printing applications in Robotics

Custom parts like 3d printed robot arm and short series for robotics. Creating robots has never been as simple as it is with 3D printing.

3D Printed glasses

3d printing applications in Optics

Prototypes and functional production parts for optics. Check various optics applications for a telescope, 3d printed lens or glasses manufacturing.

3D printed turbine

3d printing applications in Industrial Goods

Tooling, spare parts and prototypes for manufacturing tooling machines and for industrial goods.

Camera with 3D printed box

3d printing applications in Entertainment & Broadcasting

Custom props, spare parts and customized goodies... discover all the applications of 3D Printing in Film and Broadcasting industry.

Prototype serrure connectée imprimé en 3D

3d printing applications in Electronics

Prototypes and functional parts for Consumer electronics and BtoB electronic devices. Discover 3D Printing benefits for IoT and automation.

They 3D print with us

Designers, engineers, disruptive professionals... they have chosen Online 3D Printing!
Thanks for the fantastic models you've made for us, and we'll know where to go to get more in the future.
Previously used for rapid prototyping, 3D printing is now considered as a manufacturing solution and is available to all, thanks to an easy-to-use online service created by Sculpteo for 3DVIA.
Sculpteo provides an important service by producing made-to-order models for designers and researchers.
Forbes 2012.02.07

Easy-to-use 3D Printing service for everyone!

Sculpteo offers a fast 3D printing service which is open to all and enables various applications of 3d printing. No need to be a registered company to benefit from our 3D printing online service: we are proud to offer the same level quality to creative people from any background. Unleash your creativity on 3d modeling for 3d printing. Then we will start from your 3D design in order to manufacture a specific object: interior decoration, figurines, robots, miniatures, bobbleheads, scale models...

3D printed figurines for personal uses with Binder Jetting technology


Heroic fantasy, manga, science-fiction, alternative worlds... you design your creation in 3D and Sculpteo 3D print it!

3D printed miniatures for scale modeling polished and painted

Scale modeling

Scale model enthusiast? Sculpteo can manufacture your custom parts using 3D printing!

3D printed smartphone cover from the 3DP Case app by Sculpteo

Custom phone case

Want to get cool phone case? Sculpteo can offer powerful customization interface and 3D print your unique phone case!

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Sculpteo is one of the world’s leading 3D printing services based in San Francisco and Paris, offering on-demand 3D Printing. The acquired experience and unique processes allow us to offer the most competitive 3D prints both cost– and quality–wise. Through a vibrant community, our support and all the resources we produce, we are here to give the best advice to use the latest 3D Printing technologies and save your time.


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The State of 3D Printing annuel report on the 3D printing market and growth by Sculpteo

The State of 3D Printing

Sculpteo produces every year a complete report on how 3D Printing is changing business and helps these super users to challenge the habits in their industry.

Sculpteo ebook covers 350-230px

3D Printing Ebooks

Check out Sculpteo free white papers dedicated to inspiring case studies and comparison between 3D Printing and traditional manufacturing.

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