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Meet our brand new 3D printing materials sample kits!

Posted By Kat Plewa on Sep 19, 2018 | 0 comments

Choosing the right material for your 3D printed project is crucial for it to be fully functional, or for your prototypes to resemble the ultimate product as much as possible and be able to perform the tests. To help you make that decision we offer 3D printing materials sample kits. Not only that, they also come with a 25€ voucher on your first order! Discover them now.

The choice of your 3D printing material

At Sculpteo we understand that our clients have very different projects and needs. To meet your expectations and give you the best 3D printing experience we constantly work on providing you with the most suitable help. We also know how hard it might be to choose the right material for your project, the one that will be ideal just for your product.

Having the comprehension of your production needs and the knowledge of our 3D printing experts, we give you a wide range of sample kits to help you make the right choice. Let’s get to know them better!

Absolutely new 3D printing plastic sample kit

Our latest arrival is the plastic Sample Kit which will help you to choose the material most suitable for your production. It includes amazing 9 3D printing material samples of our most popular Nylon material for SLS technology. With our sample you will also get to discover some of our finishes such as Smoothing Beautifier or Color Resist.

Nylon has some great mechanical features, such as heat resistance, it can be used for prototypesgeared systems. But those are not the only appliances of Nylon, it will perform very well also for ornamental uses and educational (bone structures, models). This 3D printing material also stands out for characteristics such as flexibility, durability and even food safety!

plastic kit 3d printing

Feel the metal

It might come as a surprise to some, but yes, you actually can 3D print with metal! As the leading company for metal Additive Manufacturing, we offer 4 of these technologies. And to give you the best experience we made a metal 3D printing material kit. It includes all of our materials for DMLS and Binder Jetting. It will surely help you to choose the right 3D printing material to meet your production needs, as you will be able to get a better understanding of the materials with our sample kit.

Our metal 3D printing materials vary in characteristics and one of them will surely fulfill your production needs. Discover our Stainless Steel 316L which has strong corrosion resistance, perfect for medical assistance and producing mechanical parts for cars or even airplanes! Not only that, but it will also perform well for smaller, ornamental uses as watches or jewelry. For the latter one, you can also use Steel/ Bronze 420SS/ BR 3D printing Material which allows for production of small, detailed parts.

metal sample kit 3d printing

Make the best not only of 3D printing

To give you a total and complete set of choices we also have our well known 3D printing Sample Kit, featuring 10 samples, such as White detail resin and our other SLS materials. And if that wasn’t enough, at Sculpteo we don’t limit ourselves to Additive Manufacturing, but we also offer a Digital Manufacturing technology which is Laser Cutting. Speaking of which, to make sure you get the most of this technique we have a Laser Cutting Sample Kit. With them, you can fully understand the differences and characteristics of each material, which will make the decision for your 3D printing material easier.

3d printing plastic sample kit

laser cutting sample kit

Make the best choice with us

At Sculpteo, you, as our client, are the most important. We understand your needs for various features of 3D printing materials. We know that without the right material your parts might not perform their function and the right components are absolutely crucial for your production.

To help you improve your business with Additive or Digital Manufacturing we offer 4 different sample kits. From plastics to metals and laser cutting, we want you to succeed at your project, whether it’s a First Air Prototype or a 3D printed computer.

And Sample Kits are not the only thing we have in stock for you. If you run into any problems during your production process, from the first stages of designing your parts to the actual manufacturing, we are here for you with our Sculpteo Studio. Our designers will answer any of your questions, provide you with the necessary training and share their knowledge for the best results for your company.

Don’t wait any longer and empower your production with us! Simply add the Sample Kit to the basket. And don’t forget to sign up for our Newsletter to stay on top of your game with Additive Manufacturing news!

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