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Top 13 of the best online 3D modeling classes in 2024


Using 3D modeling software can be helpful for you no matter what your sector is. You can use it in order to 3D print and manufacture your products, to get a better visualization of your projects, or to make simulations. These 3D tools can totally help you to develop your projects in the medical sector, in architecture, or even in chemistry. It will offer you new possibilities and help you in your daily work. But using a 3D modeling software is not that easy, and you might be wondering how to learn 3D modeling.

Have you ever thought about online classes to learn 3D modeling, to use 3D printing, and take your manufacturing process to the next level? In this blog post, we made a selection of the best online 3D modeling classes. They will totally help you with your 3D printing projects, but not only! Follow the guide.

Why you should learn how to use 3D modeling software

Design for 3D printing

Implementing the 3D printing technology in your manufacturing process can have a lot of benefits. In order to do so, you will necessarily have to deal with 3D modeling to create your products. This way, you will get a 3D representation of your product, and get a clear and better visualization of the whole project.

Using 3D modeling software and 3D printing will help you with your production and prototyping process. Designers and engineers can totally use it to iterate their designs and create functional prototypes. Indeed, using the 3D technology, creating iterations of your project will be quite fast and easy. You just have to modify the 3D file to make a new iteration using an online 3D printing service like Sculpteo. Knowing how to use 3D modeling software could really help you to do all of this by yourself and save time and money!

If you are not a 3D modeling expert, there are some 3D software tools available on the market for beginners, you can choose among the best free CAD software. Nevertheless, to use 3D software, even if it is for beginners, you still need to know the basics of 3D modeling! For this, online 3D modeling classes might be the best solution.

3D modeling for a 3D printing project is also very specific, that is why at Sculpteo we launched Sculpteo Studio, a consulting service, with experts able to help you with the design aspect of your project. We will come back to it later in this article.

Visualization using 3D CAD software

Using 3D modeling can also be useful on some other levels. Indeed, using 3D modeling software could help you bring your projects even further and help you with the rendering and the visualization of your project.

This aspect can particularly be useful for the medical sector, in order to get a better visualization of the patient’s problem. This way the surgeon can proceed to some simulation in order to see how to help the patient and solve his problem. It saves time, money, and lives.

The visualization aspect can also be an asset for some other sectors like architecture for example. It is a smart way to show your architecture project to the customers, thanks to the great rendering tools of CAD software.

Art and game design

Knowing how 3D modeling works can also offer you new opportunities. It is essential for example to work in game design, or to make digital art. 3D software is also more and more present in the film industry, to create outstanding visual effects.

3D design and 3D printing can both be used to give life to amazing art projects, for example. But for this, you necessarily have to know how to use 3D modeling programs.  As you can see, this 3D technology could bring you new possibilities.

Selection of the best online 3D modeling classes

Embarking on a journey into 3D modeling marks an exciting new phase for students eager to master the essentials of this dynamic field. These online classes provide a comprehensive guide to the basic principles and techniques, offering weekly lessons on everything from hard surface modeling to sculpting and animation. Instructors, seasoned professionals from the entertainment industry, share their expertise through engaging videos and interactive sessions, covering a wide array of applications such as Autodesk, Blender, and SketchUp. As students progress through the course, they delve into advanced workflows and simulation techniques, preparing them for the challenges of their final semester projects and beyond. From illustration to marketing and even photography, 3D modeling finds its place in diverse environments, making it a valuable skill set for graphic design and beyond. With the ultimate goal of mastering tools and workflows, these online classes aim to provide the best learning experiences, equipping students for internship roles at renowned studios like Pixar. By bridging the differences between film and other industries, these classes empower students to master the art of 3D modeling and unlock their creative potential.   Learning how to use 3D software can really be difficult if you never learned it at school. But it is not too late to learn! Let’s see how you could learn how to use 3D modeling software. Here is our selection of the best online 3D modeling classes that you will find online, and that will help you to learn the basics of 3D modeling.    


Lynda is offering training and tutorial via LinkedIn Learning. This platform will help you learn all the 3D modeling techniques you need to succeed with your 3D projects. It will help you get the 3D basics you need with a lot of different CAD software, like 3Ds Max, Solidworks, or even Maya and Revit Architecture. Plus, you will get courses for all the different skill levels!


3Dmotive is more focused on 3D for game development, and on 3D modeling software particularly adapted for this use:  3DS Max, Maya, or ZBrush for example. This website is offering a lot of different courses, to learn 3D modeling, texturing, sculpting, rigging, etc.


Yoobee offers 3D modeling classes online to help you get a better understanding of Maya, of how to create a model using polygons, how to use UV mapping and textures. How to deal with high and low polygon modeling? What are the hard surface modeling techniques? Yoobee’s lessons will help you with all of this. And after these courses, we will be able to do some animation with Maya, and the interface of this advanced software won’t have any secrets for you.


Udemy is not a platform focused on how to learn 3D software, it is actually more general. Indeed, you can learn programming languages or web design basics thanks to this platform. But among all the courses that you can find on this website, there are some relevant modeling classes that will help you to start your project with software such as Blender or 3Ds Max! You will have the opportunity to get a better understanding of the interface of those CAD tools, but you can also go further and learn to create 3D characters or environments.


You need help to learn how to use 3Ds Max, Maya, Inventor, AutoCAD or Revit? The online classes offered by 3DTraining will help you to improve your professional modeling skills in only a few months. Thanks to this platform, students will learn how to use 3D modeling software and practice on in-demand industry projects.


Pluralsight is a library with a variety of different courses. They also have a lot of different 3D modeling classes. The good thing about Pluralsight is that they allow you to study at your own pace. You can watch the videos whenever it fits in your day. They have videos of almost every modeling software whether it be Maya or Blender. Pluralsight offers two different price levels. The standard version costs $275 a year and the premium version $410.

XChange Training

XChange Training is offering a great help to visual designers in order to improve their modeling and animation skills. Training courses are focusing on software such as Cinema 4D or 3Ds Max and are adapted for both beginners and experienced designers.

Autodesk Design Acadamy

Autodesk is offering a great introduction to 3D modeling through 13 lessons, to learn how to use Autodesk Fusion 360. It is a very complete module, going from an overview of 2D and 3D modeling to parametric modeling and more technical aspects.  


Skillshare is a site that offers online courses on various topics. 3D modeling is one of them. On the page, you have the option to filter the videos by different criteria. Would you rather have only beginner videos? How long should they be? Which skills are included? There are videos about different software like SketchUp, Blender, AutoCAD, and many more. If you want to watch those 3D modeling classes you have to pay $32 per month.


With Coursera, you can basically get courses about anything. But they also have specific and interesting modules about CAD software and digital manufacturing. The courses are taught by instructors from the best universities, but these online courses are open to everyone and will allow you to receive an electronic Course Certificate.

GC Spectrum

CG Spectrum is an online school, providing training for animation, visual effect, 3D modeling or game programming. These courses are specialized for 3D in the cinema industry. Thanks to this platform you can get an introduction to 3D software, but also more advanced courses, taught by award-winning artists, actually working in the film industry. The mentors will help you get professional 3D modeling skills, and acquire a very thorough knowledge from technical aspects to theoretical concepts of 3D modeling.

The Gnomon Workshop

On The Gnomon Workshop platform, professionals are training artists wanting to work in the entertainment industry. Thanks to these courses, you will be able to gain new 3D modeling skills, and learn how to create environments, characters, but also how to use photogrammetry, anatomy, etc. This website is particularly relevant if you want to work on game design.

ZBrush Workshop

These are online courses focused on ZBrush, a useful 3D modeling software. There are 10 modules available online that will help you to get a better understanding of this CAD program to work efficiently on your project. These courses are made by ZBrush experts.

Sculpteo Tutorials

At Sculpteo, we want you to succeed with your 3D printing experience. That is why we have created a lot of tutorials on our website, in order to help you to prepare your 3D model for 3D printing with:

Do you need help of 3D printing experts for your designs? Discover Sculpteo Studio!

Learning how to design for a 3D printing project is not easy. Indeed, there are some design requirements to use this technology and get the perfect 3D printed object. You have to keep it in mind: some 3D modeling mistakes can, unfortunately, make your file non-printable. Crossed volumes, non-manifold models, wall thickness… You have to pay attention to a lot of aspects of your design before 3D printing.

Learning correctly these requirements, and designing a viable 3D model is essential. At Sculpteo, we are offering in-house design and modeling services to help you with your product designs. Our professional industrial designers will help you to create from scratch or improve your designs for 3D printing. They will give you their best tips to optimize your final product!


Designing for additive manufacturing can be quite complex if you are not used to it. Indeed, in order to optimize your costs and the quality of your project, you have to know about the specificities of 3D modeling for 3D printing. And our team is here to help you make the most of the additive manufacturing technology!

Find more information about the Design, Consulting and Training services by Sculpteo Studio right here.

Are you ready to get started with online 3D modeling classes? Or do you want to contact our 3D printing experts to help you with your design process? Let us know! As you can see, there are many different ways to learn 3D modeling, you just have to start making the most of the 3D technology right now!

Once your 3D printing project is ready, don’t forget to try our online 3D printing service! You will just have to upload your 3D files, and you will receive your 3D printed parts in a few days!

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